Membership includes a licence to use our Fathom FMS software based on the Storm Rules Engine and the technology created by the Fraud & Security Laboratory – designed from the ground up.

Fathom can ingest both real-time transactions (standard ISO messaging) and batch-based files at astonishing 4m+ events per second.

It has been designed so that it is straightforward to use, operates 24/7 and any changes can be made immediately.

Fathom is fully scalable from the smallest to the largest deployment and it supports acquirers, issuers, gateways, merchants and all participants in payment processing.

It has a beautifully designed browser based user interface, designed for ease of use with the minimum amount of information intelligently displayed.

It supports fully customised real-time dashboards that can be easily created and viewed by you.

It includes full system security, audit, and user access control. Our members determine the future roadmap of Fathom’s features and development a change from being told by a vendor.

Fathom is designed to work alongside existing fraud management software – providing valuable additional insight and increasing accuracy of detection while cutting false alarms.

Fathom’s case manager is designed for fast review and to collect information for law enforcement and prosecution as part of a chain-of-confidence approved by the courts.