Member Benefit


Fathom Software Licence

This is a licence for the use the Fathom Fraud Management Software (acquirers, issuers, PSP) software deployed within a members’ datacentre for unlimited users/servers in a single country. The licence remains valid during active membership and upon cessation Fathom software may be used for six-months without updates/support.

Roadmap Priority

As Fathom is developed and functionality is incrementally delivered, members can request specific features as a priority in the product roadmap. These features will be provided as soon as practical.

Basic Support SLA

An on-line and telephone support service for all FITS provided services based on the FITS basic SLA (working hours – 08:00 am – 17:00 pm UK time Mon-Fri except Bank Holidays).

Private Cloud

Criminals are agnostic as to where they undertake the fraud. Fathom has a unique neural “datagram profiling system” which is securely shared through an encrypted private cloud with all Fathom installations so that all members benefit from the recognition of emerging fraud types. The private cloud is highly secure and resilient at a PCI Compliant, ISO 27001 certified data centre, accredited to IL3/IL4, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, PGA accredited and official classified services using encrypted PSN overlay accredited.

Horizon Scan

As part of our research programme, the Horizon Scan service is being created that will alert members of latest data breaches and new types of threats as they discovered. It is designed as a further input to the Fathom software.

“Insights” Magazine

Quarterly report and newsletter based on advanced analytical analysis of fraud behaviours and patterns both in general and detail along with advice, rules and methods to prevent or detect payment fraud.

Share Purchase

FITS-10 membership gives the option for the investment in a limited number of Ordinary shares in the FITS legal entity.   Share in our success.

Supplier Catalogue

An independent catalogue of vendors, partners, consultants and services available in payments security and cybercrime prepared by the FITS team.

Best Practice Guidelines

A printed book of practical best practice guidelines in the implementation of prevention measures and in the detection of fraud. Including the full customer lifecycle from application to collections using what is commercially available today as elements of an overall solution.

Fraud laboratory

Fast access to the latest research outputs from academia and aligned research bodies including peer-reviewed journal papers, obfuscated datasets and detailed results.

Open Source Library

Code written and developed at FITS based on the Fraud Laboratory research will be provided to work with R and other APIs and will be made available as open source with licence to the Vendor Club members to encourage their use and integration into third party solutions.

Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio

FITS in collaboration with the University of Surrey will protect IP through patents and design registration. Members will enjoy complete access to all such IP.

Annual Conference

Invite only, annual conference open to members and the Vendor Club with invited government, law enforcement and payment expert speakers.

Member Login

Members will be able to log into a secure area of our website to access exclusive content.