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Payment Card Fraud
(so far) in 2020


*Forecast worldwide reported write-offs due to payment card fraud. Some of which are used for funding al-Qaeda and other terrorists according to United States Secret Service. The true cost of fraud based on FITS research is at least 8 times this figure.

This figure NEEDS to change!

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Membership is only available to registered banking and financial industry businesses and to consultants and vendors working in the payments industry.

To uphold the highest professional and security standards there is a membership application process and you will need to be sponsored by a current member or by a FITS team member. Membership will then be by invitation.

We are currently seeking the FITS-5 to be our cornerstone members. These members will help shape FITS into an industry leading body whose aims align with their objectives.

We need Tier 1 businesses that take an active interest in cutting their fraud write-offs and operational costs and in reducing fraud crime.

Our FITS-5 members have a range of additional benefits, including the option to take a stake in the FITS corporate entity as it is formed.

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